Driving You Crazy: County road getting worse before beginning to get better

Driving You Crazy
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CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. - We're revisiting a road that’s gotten worse before it's even begun to get better.

A 32,000 member group is demanding something be done, and quick. County Road 1281 is in desperate need of help.

We showed you this road back in July, riddled with pot holes, and a promise of help.

"This year so far, I've put four tires on my car. Now I’ve got to put 2 more tires on the front," said Marvin Warren, Echota Cherokee Tribe Member. "The first vehicle we had, we had it damaged so bad it's no longer road worthy. We had to park it."

Warren says no help has come, nor any more word of its possibility. And now more people involved in Echota's Cherokee Tribe have become victim to the road issues.

"If it continues to deteriorate to such a point that we no longer can access it, I don't know what our local governing body would do," said Warren.

The tribe is hosting a pow-wow in Cullman County this weekend, the first time in 6 years.

"We've set it up out here to see how it works in Cullman," said Warren. "The people that are coming in are from California, Canada, Texas; all over. They're using all of the hotels, the restaurants and stores here."

But he says road conditions could have them move it elsewhere in coming years if something isn't done. "We do speak. And we've spoken before and we can speak louder, if need be," said Warren.

We reached out to Commissioner Don Stisher Tuesday afternoon. We will let you know when we hear back.