Driving You Crazy: Broken barriers causing concern

Driving You Crazy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A local truck driver says he’s seeing a safety hazard on I-565 that is driving him crazy. He wants the cable barriers fixed before someone has an accident.

James Tucker has been a truck driver for 41 years. So you could say he’s seen a few wrecks in his career and knows what keeps people safe and what doesn’t. “My job takes me out to exit three on I-565, so I’ve been getting to see new construction and new additions they’ve made,”said Tucker. “The new barriers they’ve put up [are] well overdue and very welcome. I’m sure they’ve already saved some lives.”

Right near exit 7, those same barriers he was so thankful for “One area is basically a 300 foot section that’s been taken down from the wreck on westbound side. That was from over a month ago and the barrier is still down and has not been repaired.”

He says the barriers work– they save lives– but only when they’re put back in place after an accident. “It’s a bigger accident is waiting to happen because the cable system is laying on the ground,” said Tucker.

He says he tried calling ALDOT. “If you don’t have the exact person or the exact phone number, you sort of get the run around,” said Tucker.

We took action and made a quick call. ALDOT’s spokesperson says they’ve not taken ownership of that stretch of I-565 until work by a separate contractor is completed. Once the work is approved by the state, ALDOT will begin routine maintenance. Until then, they are looking for supplemental money to pay the contractor to fix several areas of downed cable barriers.





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