Drivers Frustrated By What’s Missing At Huntsville Intersection

Driving You Crazy
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Capshaw Road is busy, and that’s the case most of the time.  It’s especially troublesome at the intersection with Balch Road in Huntsville.  The intersection comes well stocked with traffic lights, including a green turn arrow that functions when traffic backs up, as it does most mornings.  The light meant to make the intersection safer and help drivers, but they don’t care for it.  “If I were caught in that arrow, probably not. Because you have to wait in line till everybody makes their turn there or goes through.”

The green arrow for turning drivers actually seems to make the intersection less friendly. Drivers who want to go straight get caught in traffic by drivers waiting for the arrow. At non-peak traffic times the problem is different. Drivers are allowed to turn after they yield to oncoming traffic.  The problem is, there’s so much oncoming traffic that drivers seem to take chances to make the turn.

Something vital seems to be missing from the intersection. “Well, a left hand turn lane would be great,” says Ruth Elder. That’s right…there’s no turn lane despite the fact there is a traffic light dedicated to drivers who want to turn.  A constantly functioning traffic light arrow combined with a lane would make the intersection safer, and ease the congestion somewhat for drivers wanting to go straight.

It’s the kind of fix, expensive though it might be, that drivers tell us they want.  We’re taking action and bringing the concerns and suggestion to traffic engineers.

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