Capshaw Road to receive improvements to dangerous curve

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – For many who live in Limestone County but work in Huntsville, Capshaw Road is part of the commute.

A few months ago, we told you about efforts to improve one stretch of that road.

“The community has grown up around it and we need to expand that road.” said Huntsville City Administrator John Hamilton.

Back in August the City of Huntsville announced the expansion of Capshaw Road from two lanes, to five lanes, as a part of the master plan.

Improvements to the 1.3 mile stretch would cost the city $10.5 million dollars and take nearly a decade to complete.

“So it’s quite a while out before you see any real improvements to the road. ” says Hamilton

The problem isn’t about the time it’s going to take, or the money, but rather the fact this years-long improvement isn’t going to touch the problem s-curve.

“We have a history of wet weather collisions there. About 3/4 of all wrecks in the last five years are wet weather related.” says Interim Director of Traffic Engineering, Dan Sanders.

So why wasn’t this section of the road in the plan to be repaired initially?

WHNT News 19 asked city leaders back in August if something on a smaller scale would be done as a temporary improvement. The answer was “no”.

But just this month the Interim Director of Traffic Engineering, Dan Sanders called to say those plans have changed.

“Traffic Engineering and Public Works are partnering with the Engineering division to place down some friction and coarse pavement surface.” says Sanders.

It’s not a re-do of the road, but it is something to at least improve it.

“It won’t force them to slow down, but it will provide more friction so that when they realize they’re coming into a curve, they’ll be able to break and the friction provided by the roadway will help them stop quicker.” says Sanders.

And hopefully it will significantly lower the number of accidents.


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