Driver Tells WHNT News 19 He Wants Indian Creek Bridge Fixed, Construction Resumes

Taking Action
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Repairs to one Madison County bridge are causing headaches for drivers. The new bridge will be a result of new technology available to the state. The finished product is still days away.  One man thinks the project needs a restart.

Samuel Dunlap told WHNT News 19 county leaders rushed to tear down the Indian Creek Bridge located at Jeff and Blake Bottom Roads. Dunlap thinks leaders are taking their time replacing it. Dunlap wanted to stick it to the county.

He lives near the construction site and goes by it several times a day. Dunlap told WHNT News 19 he’s not seen anyone working at the site in weeks. He’s tried figuring out what’s up. But, can’t get any answers until now.

This is Indian Creek. Its current situation is Dunlap’s nightmare.

“There hasn`t been a crew out there, not a single person, not a truck and not even a man with a shovel for six weeks,” said Dunlap.

Construction crews started rebuilding a bridge there in July. County officials thought the 1930s bridge was too old.

“I am glad to get a new bridge. I appreciate a new bridge. It will be safer for our children and school buses, but they should not have been in such a big hurry to tear that bridge out until they were ready to go back,” added Dunlap.

“We`re looking forward to getting this done,” said Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

The bridge is in Vandiver’s district.

“We`ve been staying on it as best as we could. There were just some delays in the project we didn`t count on when we started that we couldn`t foresee and are dealing with them as best as we can, added Vandiver.

The new bridge is part of a $1.7 million project. The state is trying something new to get the bridge in place.

“This one is coming in on 24 pieces and on trucks. The bridge portion of this will be built in about three days,” added Vandiver.

It’s a fancy way to get it done. Dunlap doesn’t care.

“Let`s say you have an emergency, like us being our age, a lot of people out here are our age” added Dunlap.

He just wants a bridge.

Dunlap added, “If we have to go to the doctor, hospital or anything out here, getting through is impossible.”

The headache for Dunlap, and a lot of other drivers, could soon go away.

Construction crews showed up at the repair site this morning to restart the rebuilding process.

Vandiver, like the construction crews, hopes the next few days are rain-free to get the bridge assembled. WHNT News 19 talked with Dunlap to let him know work on the bridge resumed.

Dunlap responded, “Good. I’m going to keep my eyes on the workers to see how long they stay on the job this time.”

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