Wellness At Work. Why That’s Good For Soldiers In The Field.

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Right now there are people inside Army Materiel Headquarters at Redstone Arsenal working to make sure that every soldier around the world has what they need to do their job.  On most any workday you can certainly find people at their desks, but you can also find them walking, or running, or working out. It's all part of a concerted effort for AMC workers to achieve wellness. "Well, people are our most important asset, and without our people we can't do our mission, and health is very important," says Robin Warren, the AMC health Promotions Program Director.

The Wellness Program is important enough for AMC Commanders to regularly encourage workers to use their break time, or lunch time during the way on a workout.  Having places to exercise inside the building are certainly convenient, but do they really help AMC workers do their job? "The research nationally has shown that they're more productive. There's less absenteeism. So we have a healthier and happier work force," says Warren.

You'll get no argument on being healthier and happier from Lt. Colonel Mark Percell. He says wellness efforts at work, do help the mission. "It gives you the chance to relieve stress and come back to the job. You can be refreshed like you just came in first thing in the morning," says Percell.

Exercise isn't the only aspect of wellness at AMC.  On the day we visited there was a distance learning class on meditation, which can help work, or possibly employees who suffer from things like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  There are multiple types of classes that contribute to wellness. "Such as knowing about Alzheimer's, getting information briefings on colon cancer, all different types of things that affect our lives," says Lt. Col. Percell.

The bottom line at AMC Headquarters, taking time for health isn't just an idea. It's part of the work day.

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