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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – When you see videos of soldiers in the field you can know that most of them got there by first dealing with an Army Recruiter. So it has been for many decades, but not now. “10,000 soldiers,” said Col. Robert Bockholt, the Director of Public and Congressional Affairs for the Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal.

10,000 soldiers is the number the Army would like to find during the first completely virtual recruiting effort. It’s called Army Hiring days and it runs from June, 30th through July, 2nd.

“Obviously COVID being here has inhibited our ability to do face-to-face, more of the traditional recruiting that Recruiters were able to do. So we have to be unique in our ways to attract young talent,” said Col. Bockholt.

The effort means using the internet and social media to tell prospective soldiers about 150-different careers and specialties. That’s everything from being in Armor, being an Aviator or in Cyber, or even a Culinary Specialist. And, as far as the traditional recruiters. They will be in the process at some point. “I know they’re very motivated to get those young men and women into the Army,” said the Colonel.

10,000 new Soldiers is what the Army is looking for in the coming days. It’s the first entirely virtual effort, but probably not the last. Though it’s virtual and a product of the 21st Century it is still like your parents’ Army in one major way.

“If you say that we have over a million Soldiers in the military, then you can say that we’ve got more than a million stories. Everybody has got talent, but not everyone has got something to say, and soldiers have something to say,” said Col. Bockholt.

If you’re interested in joining the U.S. Army, go to GOARMY.COM/hiringdays

Don’t forget, Hiring Days runs from June 30 through July 2nd.

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