The President of one Huntsville cyber security company said the threats… are growing

Defending America
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — When you think about your own cybersecurity you probably think about your personal information. Other people are thinking about protecting vital military secrets. While others want to keep America’s infrastructure safe. “I think it is getting more challenging,” said Darren Kraabel, the President of Huntsville cybersecurity firm Sentar.

The company, like many others in the cybersecurity business, is growing. “It’s a sign of the recognition of the growing threats,” said Kraabel.

Those threats are increasing in all sorts of ways. One thing that keeps the world from becoming cyber safe is our very technological advancement.

“Everything is becoming more inter-dependent and inter-connected, and that provides great new features and functionality for us as individuals, but it also creates new vulnerabilities that the bad guys in the cyber world are looking to exploit,” said Kraabel.

The bad guys are working every hour of every day, and while we understand some of the things they want to exploit, and even render helpless, it’s wise to remember that our way of life is being threatened.

“It’s becoming more obvious that national security is not just about protecting department of defense installations for example,” said Darren Kraabel. He added that our infrastructure is a target. That includes everything from the utility grid, to our manufacturing and processing plants.

Fighting for cybersecurity does mean using technology, but this cybersecurity expert says the biggest vulnerability is something much closer to home. “If you could get perfect about password setting, those kind of things will eliminate a lot of vulnerabilities, but that takes discipline and that’s a people thing, not a technology thing,” said Kraabel. He also said the biggest threat to cybersecurity is each one of us.

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