Protecting the protectors: Cyber Security for the Army Materiel Command

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REDSTONE ARSENAL - Right this moment, American soldiers are deployed in harm's way. those soldiers depend on the Army Materiel Command to make sure they have everything they need to do their job.

AMC has a lot of responsibilities, and like the rest of the US Government, there is a serious threat to be dealt with.

"I would say everyday we sit down at our computers, and log into a congested and contested environment," says Dr. Dawn Dunkerley, the Chief Of the Cyber Division for the Army Materiel Command.

AMC has operations around the world and some 64-thousand workers.

Each of them has their own computing devices, from smart phones to computers.  Dr. Dunkerley says she worries about the constant threat to AMC's systems. To answer the threat AMC works with industry partners, and the intelligence and cyber security community.

"But we also need to make sure that the users are aware of their part as well, and are promoting good computer hygiene," says Dunkerley.

Good computer hygiene covers many things.

Among the most important not opening strange emails or browsing risky internet sites.  Soldiers in the field aren't thinking about computer use by AMC.

They likely expect problems to be handled. The desire to do just that to make sure cyber security doesn't threaten the men and women in the field, is what keeps those involved in cyber security on their toes.

"The thought of a war fighter being affected. The thought of a mission being incomplete, based on the lack of availability of an information system or the data being incorrect," says Dr. Dunkerley.

So, the Cyber Division at AMC stays busy making sure that computers, computer systems stay as secure as possible. "We have a pretty good handle on the known threats. The unknown threats, the things we're not even tracking right now, that really scares me," says Dawn Dunkerley.

The Cyber Division doesn't work scared, but they do take their work, and responsibility seriously.  There is no time for relaxing.

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