Happy workers rule at the Space and Missile Defense Command

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Redstone Arsenal, Ala — On most work days some 40,000 people work at Redstone Arsenal. You can assume most of them like their jobs. You can figure many of them have great work environments. “It’s very important because we want our employees to be engaged in their job,” said James Johnson, the Deputy to the Commander at the Space and Missile Defense Command.

It would be hard to find a place where workers are more engaged than the SMDC. “Our command won an award for the most improved in employee engagement in the entire Federal Government,” said Johnson.

You can see the plaque yourself. It’s right inside the front door and it indicates SMDC’s special status. Hundreds of “engaged” workers pass right by it every day. “An engaged employee is very satisfied with their work. They’re very satisfied with the organization that they work for and they’re very likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work,” said James Johnson.

The Army does more work involving space than any other U.S. entity, and the Space and Missile Defense Command is in the middle of most of it. Working with space and missiles obviously means being high-tech, and being on the cutting edge. “The research showed that engaged employees tend to be more creative'” said Johnson.

Having a steady supply of engaged and creative workers is important.  It’s also important to retain workers who have been trained. It’s why SMDC spent time talking with and listening to worker’s concerns. “Doing that by itself doesn’t mean anything unless you take action. So we listened to the employees and then we made improvements,”  said Johnson.

It’s a point of pride that some of the most satisfied, and engaged workers on Redstone Arsenal pass through the doors of SMDC every day.  “It helps the mission because happy employees are more productive and more creative and that’s what we’re looking for,” said James Johnson.

Johnson, by the way, also said that being most improved in the Federal government is great.  The new goal is to be the “best” workplace with the most engaged workers.

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