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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Teleworking has become pretty common in a world dealing with a pandemic. For Megan Gully, it’s not a bad job at all. She does social media for the Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal.

“But in 5 years, what that really means has changed,” said Megan, who is the Social Media Lead for the AMC.

Normally, and for most of the last 5 years Megan has worked at AMC Headquarters at Redstone. COVID-19 changed that. It also made social media more important than ever. “You know, I think it was because around the world, everybody was staying at home, and everybody was really leaning on social media at that point to communicate, connect and find information,” said Megan.

Everybody for the Army Materiel Command means some 190,000 workers, mostly civilians and some soldiers. They’re located around the world and wherever they are, they need the basics. “Here are the regulations, wearing the mask, social distancing. We really wanted to make sure we were pushing out that information,” said Megan.

Megan also wanted to make sure people knew where to go for information. And of course, there’s also hearing from the Boss, the Commander. General Ed Daly is the the officer in charge at AMC, and Megan thinks he likes using social media, because he wants to make sure the work force stays informed. “Now all of a sudden here’s a direct message. Here’s a direct photo, and those have been…people really like that…hear from the leadership and know what’s going on straight from the top,” said Megan Gully.

So, social media is a way to communicate for the Army Materiel Command. These days it’s done mostly from Megan Gully’s home. The question is, does she miss the office at all? “They both really work well. you know there are days where you miss the office and there are days you love the dress code at home,” said Megan.

That’s the way it is in 2020, and for those who are interested the Army Materiel Command uses Megan’s skills and hard work to post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook