Getting ready for the National Cyber Summit in Huntsville

Defending America
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When you’re talking high-tech and computer control, look no further than America’s missile defense system and our efficient power grid that puts electricity in our homes.  For the bad guys, both our missiles and our power grid are targets.

“It’s not attacked as you would think of it. It’s more proving, searching, It’s intelligence gathering. They don’t want to break your system, they want to be in your system. They want to have the ability when they want to, to shut you down,” said Cary Pool, a Cyber Architect with PeopleTec, and a leader of The National Cyber Summit later this year in Huntsville.

National Cyber Summit, VBC Huntsville, Alabama, June 5-6, 2018.

The threat is pervasive and constant. Agencies, companies, even commands have been more than threatened. They’ve been hacked.

“Absolutely, and worse yet, they don’t know it,” said Pool.

The battle to stop the hacks, to provide effective cyber security goes on every day. Not just in defense, but in every industry.

“Our enemies don’t care. They’re going to hack all of the computers. They’re going to get in, they’re going to persist,” said Pool.

A major counter to the cyber threat is coming to Huntsville in June. For the 11th year, the National Cyber Summit is set for the Von Braun Center.  From June 4th through the 6th, industry, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and cyber security experts will gather to talk about one of the most serious issues out there.

“I mean it boils down to cars, pacemakers, missiles, aircraft. They can all be hacked, and we’re trying to get all the industries together at one point so we can learn from each other, so we can be stronger together to defend this nation,” said Pool.

The National Cyber summit is now finalizing speakers, exhibitors and is also taking registration for attendees.  For more information, click here.

National Cyber Summit, VBC Huntsville, Alabama, June 5-6, 2018.