Defending America The Sentar Way

Defending America
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In 1990 Peter Kiss and his wife started an engineering company in Huntsville, Sentar. At the time there were just three workers.  "When we started back in 1990, Cybersecurity wasn't something people talked about. Even when we got into it, which was around 2001, not too many people talked about it. Now everyone does," says Kiss.

Cybersecurity is an issue that everyone talks about, and that includes the average American to government workers on the most sensitive, secure programs.  Sentar has changed right along with the world. The former engineering company is now solely involved in Cybersecurity goods and services. "We are in the business of protecting our way of life as a nation. We hope our government and industry partners make sure that the nation's most critical assets are secure," says Dan Lambert, Director of Sentar's Missile And Space Systems.

Sentar is helping provide what's needed to protect assets from the most critical missile defense systems, to a new product that's in development. "Theseus" is a project to protect communications systems that might be used during the response to a disaster. It detects hacks into the network, determining possible co-ordination, a source and let's operators know that a response is necessary. "How do people react?  They can't even call 911, and 911 themselves may not be as informed as they need to be at that moment in time. And clearly  couldn't coordinate as well as they could, and it becomes degrees of exponential trouble for 911 if that communication level is taken out," says Chandler Hall.  Chandler's business card carries the job title, Cybersecurity Evangelist, and he is certainly that.

In the current world, everyone who works in the Cybersecurity field is an evangelist, because fighting those trying break into networks and either mess up the system, or steal its contents is a full-time job. "Literally every day, every week... something new is going on. And keeping on top of that, it's like the wild west still," says Sentar's Peter Kiss.

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