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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The headquarters for Huntsville’s nLogic is deceiving.  The company has some 250 employees, but just 10 work in the building.

“They might go to work in about 12 to 13 places. I have lost count, but you are absolutely right. It’s not uncommon for me to go on location and run into an employee, and I had no idea that’s where they worked,” said Tim Thornton, the company founder and President. He’s actually talking about where nLogic employees work on Redstone Arsenal. They also work in seven other states.

According to INC. magazine, nLogic workers like their company. It ranks as one of the 50 best businesses to work for in the entire country. The work itself is certainly varied. nLogic provides technical and engineering support for projects as diverse as NASA’s Space Launch System, to the Defense Commissary Agency.

“They all come with unique challenges, to be honest with you. If the commissary network is down and the grocery store is not in business, that’s pretty serious,” said Thornton.

The same could certainly be said for support of SLS, and maybe that future trip to Mars. “And then of course, delivering products and services to the war fighter. Those are all important missions,” said Thornton.

There are plenty more missions that occupy nLogic.  The company has a long reach considering it has only been around since 2009. It’s a company with a well-stocked trophy case for both performance and ethical practices.  nLogic also a company with lofty aspirations. “Well, our goal is to be 1,000 employees some day, and you know we are on track to be a $50 million company,” said Thornton.

Defending America multiple ways, and creating jobs at an employee-owned company.  nLogic is definitely a success.