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Defending America
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One thing is for sure at Huntsville's IERUS Technologies - workers stay busy.  On any given morning, you'll likely find someone fabricating a prototype that might have been ordered the day before, and designed the night before.

"On one of our recent antenna projects, we were literally doing that for days on end. Where we would design overnight, build in the morning and test in the afternoon," says IERUS President Jason Keen.

Don't get the idea that the "RF and  electro-optics" work at IERUS is simple, because it's not.  The company works with complicated antenna technology, but also goes for economy when the simple answer is the best answer.

"We were actually working with a customer and they were trying to figure out how they were going to put a million dollar piece of hardware in harm's way," says Jason Keen.  He goes on to say,"I looked at them and I said, 'we could spend meeting after meeting after meeting spending all those labor dollars trying to justify how we do that, or we could just build a $20,000 radar and put it in harm's way and not worry about.'"

IERUS did build that cheaper radar, and it worked perfectly.  It was also built quickly. "Very seldom do I feel like somebody comes to me except that they need it now," Jason Keen while chuckling.

The workers at IERUS take pride in being fast, innovative and economical. They also say there are hurdles even when the work is going well. "This last project we had a lot of paper work and it's hard on us as a company, because we're so used to pushing product, " says engineer Sean Killgallin.

There's no shortage of product coming out of IERUS, and yes, the paper work is included.  There is also new technology in development, and while doing business and making money are exactly what you'd expect out of this company or any other for that matter, there is another bottom line. "It's important to me that our young soldiers , our 18-year-olds are going out there in the field with the best possible equipment, and the best chance of succeeding," says Jason Keen.

He was one of the founders of the company just five years ago, and one of the two workers.  Today IERUS has 35 employees with a main office in Huntsville and another office in Atlanta.

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