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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala — Usually employers might frown on workers being on Facebook during work hours. Then again, at Redstone Arsenal’s Army Materiel Command Headquarters, Megan Gully is on Facebook nearly all the time these days. She’s the Social Media Lead for AMC and she has been working for several weeks on a special project.

“Social Media is a really powerful tool and what we are getting ready to do is…we’re taking over the Army’s social media accounts for a week,” said Megan Gully.

That’s right. From Saturday, March 10  to Friday, March 16 the Army Materiel Command will essentially be in charge of all the official U.S. Army social media sites. From Facebook to Instagram, AMC will be touting what it does, especially as it pertains to “Materiel Readiness.”

“Materiel Readiness is why the Army Materiel Command exists. It’s necessary for soldiers, and we are getting the chance to break that down over a week, piece by piece,” said Megan.

The AMC social media extravaganza will include videos, lots of articles and photos, and even some Facebook lives.  One of those will originate from AMRDEC.

“The Army Research Development and Engineering Center here at Redstone. Showing what those artisans and engineers do. So this is first hand as if you were on a tour with them,” said Gully.

Soldiers will have plenty of chances to chime in with likes, questions and maybe even a vote or two.

“We’re looking at doing a poll on MRE’s, Meals Ready to Eat. So what new flavor are you most excited for, Pizza or Beef Goulash,” said Gully.

While this is “social media”, in this case it is a great way for AMC to spread the message to a worldwide audience and explain what a lot of people might not understand. “A soldier can’t complete their mission without weapons to shoot, tanks to maneuver, food to eat. And that’s what we provide,” said Gully.

Actually, all the things supplied by Army Materiel Command to America’s soldiers is what this social media blitz will explain. It allows AMC to reach beyond its hefty 50,000 friends to the Army’s four and a half million.

To check out what AMC is doing every moment of every day for soldiers, go to any social media site and type in U.S. Army.  From YouTube to Facebook to Instagram the information will be there.