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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – The Daly brothers, Mitchell and Connor, have spent a lot of time the last several weeks at home. For recreation they throw a baseball, which is a pretty ordinary activity, considering. “Basically told us the severity of the situation, and we all understood that this was serious and we needed to stay in”, said Connor Daly relating a conversation his dad had with the brothers.

Connor, Mitchell, sister Nicole, mom Cathy, and dad Edward have spent a lot of time together the last several weeks, which isn’t out of the ordinary considering the stay at home order. The family though, is a little different. Mom works for the Army Corps of Engineers, while dad is a Lt. General and Deputy Commanding General for the Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal. “My dad has been working long hours and everything, so it’s pretty normal that he doesn’t come home till about 7:30 at night. My mom has been working from home this whole time,” said Mitchell.

About mom – there’s something in addition to her job, and that’s the fact that her immune system is compromised. That situation led to a serious conversation. “I was like, ‘Dad, you mind if I go hang out with my friends, they’re playing tennis?’ And he was like ‘Mitchell, if you leave this house, don’t come back.’ So I had to make the choice of go play tennis with my friends, or find somewhere else to live,” said Mitchell.

Mitch, as his family calls him, was a star baseball player for Bob Jones High School, and has a scholarship to play at Texas. He made the decision to stay with his family, but it’s hard to hang around the house and do all the conditioning he needs to do to be a college baseball player. Connor meanwhile is a Finance Major at Auburn, and is finishing his junior year, but having to do it online. “As a rising senior, my classes, I need to be in person for them at this point,” said Connor.

Both brothers say being with their family, which also includes sister Nicole, isn’t a bad thing at all. They do have one job that has to be done for their mom. “Going out and getting all of her, you know, food, and stuff like that. Wearing gloves and makes, so we’ve been taking care of our mom,” said Connor.

They do try to throw the baseball, and it helps that Connor was also a former player at Bob Jones. Despite the problems brought on by COVID-19, and the precautions it requires, this Army family has done okay. “Being an Army brat you know, it kind of teaches you to be resilient, you know, you’re almost comfortable with the uncomfortable, and we know that the situation we’re in right now isn’t ideal. But we’re going to get through it because it’s what we know. It’s something that, it’s in our blood,” said Mitchell.

The Daly’s will tell you, they’ve done what needed to be done to be safe, while also staying on the job, and even playing a little baseball.

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