Yeti Rambler a Deal

Deal or Dud
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I love the way products are named. There is a whole line of products, expensive products, named “Yeti.” They range from tumblers to coolers.

To digress a bit …

The “Yeti” is a legendary figure that roams the Himalayans and capable, if crossed, of great mayhem. (For all you Star Wars fans … think Wampa.)

But since it’s a “cold thing” a name like the “Yeti” would suggest that it keeps anything cold.

We tested, at the request of a viewer, the Yeti Rambler. It’s a tumbler that holds 20 ounces of fluid. It claims to keep hot things hot and cold things cold.

(Insert your own joke here regarding baseball players, ex-boyfriend/girlfriends, or in-laws.)

The Yeti was great. We filled it about 2/3 full with ice and then left it for 24 hours. About half the ice stayed frozen.   What was amazing to us was the amount of ice that stayed frozen even with the hole in the top that allows you to drink the liquid in the Yeti.

The down side…? It’s pricey. The Yeti that holds the 20 ounces cost us $29.99. There is a version that holds 40 ounces that is more expensive.

But it works great. It’s a Deal.

You wouldn’t want to buy this for the kids or the soccer team. But if you are a truck driver, or someone who can nurse tea or coffee all day, this is for you.

This is a high-quality product worth the money.