XHose Pro a Deal

Deal or Dud
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It’s Wednesday.  It’s Deal or Dud.

It’s time for another expandable hose test.

The original XHose we made a “Dud.”

The reason is because the plastic fitting cracked as we tried to put it on an outside faucet.

The XHose and similar products have cheap, thin, plastic settings … until now.

The XHose Pro has solid brass fittings. The fittings are stronger and heavier.

It’s also pricier. The XHose Pro cost $39.99.

But you get a great expandable hose. The settings on each end appear to be rock solid.

The XHose Pro has a great valve on the business end if you need to shut the hose down and leave it for a period of time.

The XHose Pro … we like. We make it a “Deal.”