Tuff Glove a Deal

Deal or Dud
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The Tuff Glove is a hot surface protector for your hands.

It’s designed to keep you safer while cooking or working up the barbeque.

The packaging says its safety rated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tuff Glove cost $9.99. You get two.

(Remembering from my anatomy and physiology days …  that would be one for each hand.)

The Tuff Glove works fine with dry heat.

The directions say very clearly the Tuff Glove does not protect you from steam or use it when wet.

It also is not fire resistant.

But as a kitchen tool, it does fine. If you are getting pans out of the oven, the Tuff Glove will do the job.

Also, if you are working near the eye of an oven, it will do fine also.

The Tuff Glove we rated as a Deal.

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