Top Five Deals of 2016

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We have a nice list for the “Top Five Deals of 2016.”

Some of them have to do with climate control, and one in particular, a tool to start your car.

Number Five on our list is the Comfort Zone Fan.

If you get a little extra toasty at work, you can use the small fan to cool down. It’s four inches wide, and the blades deliver a nice breeze. The coolest thing, is that you can plug it into a USB port in your office computer for power.

Four on the list is the other side of that coin. It’s the Handy Heater.

If you have a room that needs an extra punch in the warmth department, this may be for you. It’s also an option if your office is cold enough to hang meat. It cost $40.  It has a timer and different heat settings. In the test we showed, it heated a normal size bathroom with no trouble.

Three on the list is Circle with Disney.

Circle with Disney is a tool that allows you to control how much time your kids spend on smart phones, tablets, and laptops.  You can set time limits, and also monitor how much time they are spending on the devices.  You might need a tech savvy person to help set it up. It did appear to be a little complicated. It’s a little pricey at around $100. But potentially, this is an important item for parents.

We can’t do a Top Five list without something that cuts food.  The Clever Cutter is a great tool for cutting up veggies and even chicken fingers for salads. We love it. It cost around $15.

Our number one was a big surprise.  In the past few years of Deal or Dud, we’ve tested several items that claim to start a car with a dead battery. Many of them work off of car cigarette lighters. Many were small compact devices that you charged at home and took with you.

We did not expect the MiniMax to work.  But it did, and it worked great.  It’s a multi-use charger that claims to power everything from a boat to a car.

We charged it, and tried it. It worked great. We went to a car dealership for the test. We had a new car where the sales force let the battery run down. Also, we had a large truck with a weak battery. The Minimax sparked them both. Both vehicles cranked with the MiniMax.

It is a pricey. We got it for $90 at a large, popular discount store.

If you disagree with this list, let me know! We will update the story with your experience.

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