Top Five Deals of 2014 include Chop Magic, BaconWave, Mighty Mug

Deal or Dud
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Number five is “The Veggetti.” The Veggetti is a product that allows you to do veggie pasta lightning fast. Maybe the best description is that it’s a “spiral vegetable slicer.” It’s relatively inexpensive. The Veggetti only cost us $9.99. We turned a large of amount of veggies into huge piles of veggie spaghetti in less than a minute.

Number four is the Chop Magic. The Chop Magic is one of the best vegetable choppers we’ve tested. It may take a little bit of muscle, but it makes quick work of things like potatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and apples. The Chop Magic we loved.

Another item we had a ton of fun with was the Melon Slicer. This is a big item. You will need a little muscle to cut a big watermelon with it.   It cost $14.99 and you can slice a watermelon in about five seconds. We got some friends who work on the Monte Sano Terrace maintenance crew and they went through five watermelons really fast and provide a lot of snacks for people at the pool. The Melon Slicer is number three on the list.

The first runner-up at number two is the best product we’ve come across that cooks bacon. The BaconWave is awesome! It cost $19.99. I love thick cut bacon and the BaconWave is perfect for that.

You slide the bacon into groves where it is perpendicular to the pan of the BaconWave. You then take little skewers and slide them through the grooves. You put the bacon in the microwave at about a minute a slice and you get great bacon with no grease. The grease drips on to the base of the BaconWave for easy cleaning.

The top product is 2014 is the Mighty Mug. We stumbled on it at a big box store and thought it was odd. It was odd to the point where we just played with it in the store for an uncomfortable amount of time. Here is the hook to the Mighty Mug.   If you put it on a flat surface, the mug stays in place. It’s actually hard to turn over. If you bump into it, it won’t turn over. But to lift it off the surface, you use a light tough with a thumb and finger and it lifts right up. The Mighty Mug cost $19.99. There is also a smaller version you can buy that is cheaper. The Might Mug claims to use no suction to work. Maybe it doesn’t. But it’s just weird in a cool sort of way. The Mighty Mug we love!

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