Top Deals of 2013

Deal or Dud
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The fifth best deal of 2013 is the Stonewave.  It cost $9.99 and is a ceramic cookware piece with a vented chimney top.  It poached an egg and steamed shrimp perfectly.  There is a recipe book that comes with it.  It’s a perfect cooking piece for a single, or a couple, that doesn’t eat much!

The fourth best deal of 2013 is the ScrubDaddy! We loved this little gem!  It’s a sponge-type device that is used to clean pots and pans in the kitchen.

It has a great hook and only cost us $3.99.

When you run hot water on it, it gets soft so you can get in tiny little nooks and crannies of any kind for pots, pans, and Tupperware.  But when you run cold water on the ScrubDaddy, it gets hard.  That way you can get gritty, hard, tough food and dirt off those pots and pans.

We love the ScrubDaddy!

The third best Deal or Dud from 2013 is a can opener.  Different versions of the can opener have long been staples of the “As Seen on TV” infomercials.  This one works great. It’s called, unfortunately, the Tornado Can Opener. We thought it latched on the can easily and made quick work of it. The Tornado can opener we liked a lot.  The Tornado cost $9.99. I have seen it in stores for $12.99.

You might notice a trend here. We like to eat. The second best Deal of 2013 is the BaconWave. The BaconWave is a product that nails it perfectly when it comes to cooking bacon.  The bacon goes into slots with the fatty end of the bacon up. Skewers hold the bacon in place. Any bacon that overlaps the tray, you fold it back in place and let the skewer hold it tight. A minute a slice in the microwave and the bacon turns out perfect. All the fat drips in the tray.  It turns out crispy and solid for a sandwich. The BaconWave we really like.  The BaconWave cost us $9.99.

The “Top Deal of 2013” comes from a local inventor.

Richard Junkin had a painting business that suffered greatly when the economy crunched in 2007 and into 2008.

Literally, he prayed to God for help and inspiration. He says that prayer was answered.   The images of the jaws for the Paint Piranha came to mind immediately.

The Paint Piranha is a device that removes paint from paint brushes.  There is a small version for artists and a larger version for commercial painters. At last report, Richard Junkin had 45,000 Paint Piranahas headed to big box stores for test markets across the country.

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