This window bed for cats was tested by nearly 50 felines

Deal or Dud
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When it comes to buying products you're unsure about, we know sometimes you put even more thought and consideration into purchasing something if it's for your pet.

Especially if it's an expensive product, you want to know that your furry friend is going to like it. And especially cats, because if you know anything about cats, you know they can be very particular.

The EZ Mount WIndow Cat Bed puts an interesting spin on catnapping. It has three suction cups that attach to pretty much any window space, and it comes with a cushion to make for a comfortable daytime dreaming spot.

We found as many cats as we possibly could to test this unique window cat bed that claims it can turn any window into a kitty entertainment center.

We found an abundance of feline friends at the home of Yvonne Betowt, who's a volunteer for Forgotten Felines—a nonprofit organization that’s served Huntsville for 18 years.

“Our main goal is to find homes for kitties…try to educate people on how to take care of their pets and help control the pet population," Betowt said.


She’s currently taking care of 25 cats, and they have plenty of options for comfortable cat naps. Lots of cat towers and cozy cat beds.

Plenty of the cats seemed interested at first, but after a few minutes of poking around, they quickly decided it wasn’t for them—all except for one. Inky found a special appreciation for his new squirrel-watching perch. He was the only cat that sat in the window bed for several minutes.



The cat bed was tested in three different homes over the course of several days—and after being inspected by nearly fifty cats, time after time, they turned up their noses.

The EZ Mount Window Cat Bed is made of great material but is a costly $40, and for how many cats just weren't interested...we're calling it a catastrophic dud.