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Whether it’s going to work, the gym, traveling, or just lugging the kids around, sometimes everything you need to take with you tends to clutter up your car.

These headrest hooks are a simple product but claim to be a space saving solution that organizes backseat clutter.

Whether it’s the kid’s backpacks or a load of groceries, some more organization in the back seat might be helpful.

They work by directly snapping the hook onto the pole of the headrest. If you’re not using the hook, it can be tucked away to ensure safety and to maintain the original interior appearance.

They’re easy to reach when accessing from the front or the back seat and they are made of durable material to ensure long time use. The silicone rubber keeps the hooks firmly attached to the headrest pole.

The hooks can be used to hang bags, backpacks, clothes and groceries. They create more leg room for passengers and prevent bags from falling while making sharp turns.

So as long as your vehicle has a headrest pole, they work very well!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $10