The Wallybroom is a two-in-one cleaning tool that claims to cut down on cleanup time

Deal or Dud
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The potential for messes on your kitchen or bathroom floors are endless. Spaghetti, Cheerios, spilt milk, pet mess, you name it.

“It is nonstop, and it is very busy and we call it our circus. My hands are not often free,” said Stephanie Garrison, mother of four small kids.

Stephanie is always learning how to be more efficient, in all aspects of parenting.

“A mess is destined to happen that day, between the four of them,” she said.

The Wallybroom is a two-in-one solution for dry and wet messes. One side is a handheld broom, the other, a squeegee. It claims to reduce paper towel waste and eliminate gunky hands.

So, in order to test, we told the kids to make a mess on purpose. They even wanted to help clean it up!

The bristle side does a fine job as a handheld broom, but the squeegee just wasn’t making the cut. We found that even after squeegeeing, it was necessary to use paper towel to clean up leftover residue.

“It gets the solid pieces okay, but as you can see here, it’s not picking up all the liquid and it’s still wet on my floor. It doesn’t beat your average hand broom,” Stephanie said.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $30

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