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When it comes to potatoes, preparation usually takes a lot of time. And your options for that prep usually include….peeling.

The Tater Mitts are rubber gloves coated with gravel-like particles that claim to make potato peeling as simple as a couple of scrubs!

“I feel like when I’m peeling a potato I’m actually losing a good bit of the potato,” said Bekah Ormond. “So I hope the Tater Mitts will actually just take the skin.”

There is some prep time for using the Tater Mitts, instruction say to let the potatoes boil for at least five minutes before use.

You remove the potatoes from the boiling water, and while holding under cool, running water, start scrubbing with the mitts!

The potatoes were easily-skinned but had a weird consistency. It was just the skin that came off the potato, though.

We decide the mitts come with pros and cons.

“I can still see the bad spots, whereas when I’m doing a peel, it has the nifty little end where I can dig out the bad parts,” Bekah said.

The mitts also left behind a big, gooey mess. To clean the mitts you just rinse them well in water, but you have to do this several times for them to be cleaned well.

For a large batch of potatoes, the Tater Mitts may definitely be helpful in making the process easier! But for small batches, a normal peeler will do the trick.

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable, $15