The Sock Slider won’t make your morning routine any easier

Deal or Dud

Sock Slider

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For some people, a device that could help you put your socks on might make a world of difference.

The Sock Slider has a cradle design that claims to help you put socks on so you don't have to bend over or reach.

I went to Regency Retirement Village and found David Jones, a man who still puts his own socks on every morning, but he could see the benefits of having some help.

We picked a few pairs of socks from David's sock selection and took the Sock Slider for a spin.

We discovered that actually getting the sock over the cradle takes quite a bit of strength. "It's a little difficult to slip the sock over [the cradle] because you have to stretch the sock quite a bit," said Jones, President of Assisted Living Council at Regency Retirement Village.

And sliding the foot into the sock also didn't go so smoothly, barely half of the sock slides on to the foot. The Sock Slider handle is supposed to help you pull your sock over your ankle and up your leg without bending down, but it couldn't grip the sock enough to pull it up.

"For me, it's just easier to put the socks on myself," Jones said.

I gave the Sock Slider a try myself and was surprised at how difficult it was to use and how much time it took!

For the hefty price of $20, the Sock Slider makes putting socks on way more difficult than it needs to be.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud