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Dogs will be dogs. And especially if you ever let your dogs out in a fenced-in backyard, they tend to bark at just about anything they hear outside the fence.

The Pet Peek Window is an accessory for your fence that gives your dog a view through the fence.

Sometimes, dog owners will just cut a hole in their fence so that their pup can see outside, but this leaves the chance of splinters in their fur or on their collar. And of course, you have to make sure they can’t fit through the hole.

The Pet Peek Window opens a window to the world outside the fence— satisfying their curiosity of your pet, but also keeping them safe and inside the fence.

It does take a bit of manual labor but is easy to install with simple tools.

Make sure to cut a hole that will work with your dog’s height, fit the parts together, and now your pooch can see what all the hullabaloo outside the fence is about!

It’s made of quality material and prevents your dog’s hair and skin from getting caught in the fence.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal