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We’re always looking for ways to cut corners and keep our counters cleaner in the kitchen. We found a product that’s a multifunctional contraption– a cutting board that can fold and unfold so that you’re using it to rinse, drain, chop, and pour– all with the same tool!

The way most people wash and prepare their produce is by rinsing in the sink, setting on the chopping board, and when done, transferring to a separate plate.

This multipurpose, foldable chopping board is designed to do all of that on the same surface.

The first thing we noticed while testing is that the chopping board is small; really only good for chopping one thing at a time before transferring to a separate plate or bowl.

The idea is to rinse, drain, chop, and pour all with the same tool, keeping your kitchen counter clean and uncrowded.

We decide early on that the chopping board only makes sense for use with small produce or leafy greens, so we head to Anna’s homegrown garden to pick some fresh lettuce.

We snap the board into place, rinse the lettuce, chop it, drain it, and transfer it directly to a bowl.

The chopping board definitely works for all of those things, it’s just not a valuable addition to an already fully functioning kitchen.

Our verdict is that for an experienced cook the chopping board doesn’t make the cut, but might be a good option for someone with limited space, a beginning cook, or for outdoor use, like in a college dorm room or while camping.

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable, $20