The HyperChiller can cool any beverage in one minute flat! ❄️

Deal or Dud
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For some, the time of year for iced beverages is coming to a close-- but for others, the need for a cool, refreshing drink is a year-round affair.

The HyperChiller is a product that claims it can turn freshly-brewed hot coffee, into iced coffee, in one minute flat. It’s compatible with all brewing methods, and pretty much any drink you’d want to quickly chill.

The HyperChiller has a sophisticated cooling system. You simply fill two parts of the chilling mug with water, put the mug back together, and let it freeze for at least 12 hours before using.

When it comes out of the freezer it’s ready to take in any warm beverage and transform it into a cold, refreshing drink.

The hot coffee can be deposited directly into the HyperChiller, then it flows between the two frozen compartments within the mug for rapid chilling.

The hot coffee can be cooled by 130 degrees in one minute, with zero dilution, preventing watery, luke-warm coffee. And it can chill up to 12.5 ounces at once.

We waited for our coffee to cool for one minute, then poured it into a glass with some ice. The ice didn't melt, and the coffee was significantly cold to the touch!

Afterward, you can just keep the HyperChiller stored in your freezer and occasionally switch out the frozen water.

If it’s worth it to you to say goodbye to diluted chilled drinks, then the HyperChiller is a deal.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $30

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