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When important notes are out of sight, sometimes they end up out of mind, too. The Gripet claims it can change that– so we put it to the Deal or Dud test!

The Gripet claims to be a reliable first step in moving miscellaneous papers off of your counter or desk and into a place where they can easily be pushed in and pulled out.

It can be placed on any wall surface with attached magnets, or the included stickers. But on a fridge, the magnets didn’t always hold up.

The Gripet didn’t have a good hold on several fridge surfaces, but when the magnets attached to a flat, strongly magnetized surface, it held pretty well.

The Gripet claims you can slide in a piece of paper, and with its gripping technology, you’ll be able to pull out any piece of paper without the others falling out.

But we found that wasn’t the case. Whether it was very few pieces of papers and notes, if you pulled one out, several of them fell out.

So when it comes to organization, save your $25, and maybe just keep your piles of paper a little tidier!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $25