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This unique hammock design replaces that extra chair you use to prop your feet up.

Whether at work or for school, the Foot Hammock is made especially for desk life. And for Garrett, a pre-med student, studying for the MCAT means a lot of time spent slumped over a desk.

“Sometimes you wish you were in like a reclining chair or something,” Garrett said.  “Just something where you can just be comfortable or adjust your position a little bit more.”

The Foot Hammock claims to be easy to set up and remove. It comes with two hooks that attach to the hammock’s straps and can be hooked onto any desk edge. The hammock fits most average desk sizes.

“If it works, I can see how the foot hammock could really make it more comfortable to sit back, with all your materials in front of you within easy reach…and that you’re actually comfortable for longer periods in a chair.”

The straps can also be adjusted so that the hammock can hang at any level. There are two positions: a low hang for working and a high hang for resting.

The Foot Hammock claims to contribute to improved posture, to increase comfort and blood circulation.

“It would be good for setting up any kind of working desk to be more comfortable and more relaxing,” Garrett said.

And better yet, you can hang it anywhere it will fit and wherever your feet need a hammock!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $15