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“My detailing takes a little time, takes a little bit more elbow grease,” said Antonio White, owner of White’s Detailing in Huntsville.

Washing and detailing cars is his game—doing it well is how he keeps up a good name. He was curious as to whether the Dust Daddy could help his cleaning process be more productive in less time.

The Dust Daddy claims to combine the best cleaning qualities of both a duster and a vacuum. It has powerful suction through dozens of tiny straws, which give it the ability to clean around small or fragile objects without having to remove them from their space. And when your job requires cleaning in tight spots a tool like this could be helpful.

The Dust Daddy claims to have a universal vacuum attachment, but we tried it on two different consumer-friendly vacuum hoses and it didn’t fit on either one!

So, instead of ending the experiment right then and there, we used some duct tape to attach it to the vacuum.

The main pro of the Dust Daddy is that you can clean around small items without removing them first.

“Change bobby pins, things like that, it works around it pretty decently,” White said. “I see some positive in it. I do, I really do.”

But after we ditched the cup holder and went for some shelf cleaning—the Dust Daddy did not deliver. It got clogged very easily and we spent more time clearing debris out of the straws than actually doing any cleaning! So, maybe it would be fine for some light-weight cleaning, but then, is it worth buying? We don’t think so!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $10