The Dual Doggie Leash *could* make walking multiple dogs a walk in the park

Deal or Dud
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We know many of our viewers are dog owners, and lots of you have more than one pup to keep track of. Taking dogs out on multiple leashes can sometimes be a fiasco– but this leash claims it can simplify that.

Huck and Leo are dogs that love their time outside on the leash, but in their constant pursuit of squirrels and the like, tangles tend to happen.

“It’s a constant juggle situation when you’re walking two dogs with two separate leashes,” said Haley Buie, dog owner and fosterer. “Grabbing him with this one, pulling, then Leo’s like what’s going on! So you’ve got to wrap him around you, grab him here, grab him there, until you can figure it out and they’re back on track with each other again.”

Basically, it can be chaotic.

The Dual Doggie Leash claims to give your dogs independence with no tangles and leaves you with a free hand.

It’s design gives you individual control over each dog with color-coded brake buttons and leash leads along with spinning action for no tangles.

“I like how it has the two different buttons so you can lock one, or you can lock the other, without having to lock both at the same time,” Haley said.

We found that the Dual Doggie Leash would probably take some practice with anyone using it for the first time. At first, the different buttons are confusing, and tangles can still happen when the retractable leashes are fully extended.

“I would say it’s debatable depending on your animals,” Haley said. “But if your dogs are great on leashes and if they’re smaller and more able to be controlled, I think it would definitely be a deal.”

The Dual Doggie Leash costs about $38, and that’s a fair price considering most individual, retractable leashes cost about $20.

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable Deal 😜


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