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The Chill Chest claims to be an extremely light, iceless cooler with the most cooling power.

The makers of the Chill Chest claim to have created a lightweight solution to lugging around coolers. Thanks to its interwoven polypropene design that traps cold in. It’s collapsible and, to mis, it really just feels like a big styrofoam box.

It claims to keep *frozen* food ice cold for hours– all with no ice.

We compare it to a normal cooler filled with ice because that’s what most people use.

We pack a variety of chilled and frozen food products in each. Some frozen pork chops, frozen berries, chilled cool whip, and we even add a container of ice to see if they still came out on the other end as ice cubes.

We left both coolers outdoors for about four hours.

In the Chill Chest, the ice melted. The pork chops had started to soften and so had the frozen berries, and the cool whip was a gloopy mess.

In the regular cooler with ice, the ice was still in cube form, the berries were a little soft, and the pork chops were still frozen. But the cool whip was still a no-no.

This time the Chill Chest just couldn’t keep its cool!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $20