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Whether it’s a backpack or purse, gym bag or clutch, if you’re not holding it, it usually ends up getting set on the ground.

You might set it down in restaurants, public bathrooms, locker rooms– there are so many places where you don’t know how clean the floor is, and you end up taking those germs with you wherever your bag goes.

This week for deal or dud we tested a product that claims to keep your belongings off the floor, with no fancy hooks or devices involved. And to help us test it, we found a woman who would rather eat with her purse in her lap than set it down on the floor of a restaurant.

“It has to be on a nice clean surface,” Jacqueline McGlathery said. “I would probably try to hang it on the chair, or put it in the back of me, I’ve even had to put it in my lap.”

Her daughter, Gabrielle McGlathery, can attest to Jacqueline’s mild case of germaphobia.

“We’re always as a family trying to make it easier for her so she’s not sitting there holding this huge bag, and she’s trying to eat, it’s kind of awkward,” Gabrielle said.

The Bagnet is a small and mighty magnet for your bag. Two durable magnets wrapped in real leather make it easy to keep your hands free and your bags off the floor. And you don’t have to worry about the Bagnet harming your credit cards or cell phone.


The Bagnet can latch on to anything that’s metal, and how much weight it holds depends on how you position the Bagnet. So we gather some miscellaneous items and give it a try! We load several ridiculous (and slightly heavy) items into a purse held by the Bagnet, and are surprised that it holds up!

And it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

The Bagnet can be used anywhere you want to avoid setting your bag down, and especially comes in handy when using public restrooms.

Use it on chairs and barstools, on table bases and tops, during workouts, in public restrooms… The options are endless!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $25