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If you’re a dog owner, depending on the dog of course, bathtime can be a hassle. It starts with chasing, holding your pet down, keeping them still…. It can certainly be a process.

“Come here, come here, come here, come here!” Nate Hoffmanchanted as he chases his dog around the yard. “This is what he does when he doesn’t want to have a bath.”

Like many dogs, Gary is not a fan of bathtime.

“He really really hates the water, the sound of it, the feel of it,” Hoffman said. “I’ve never successfully gotten him to stay in one place for a bath.”

And while your best furrfriend may never *enjoy* bath time, the Aquapaw pet bathing tool claims to at least make it a better experience for both you and your pet.

It’s a handheld, flexible scrubber that hooks directly to a faucet or hose, so it’s good for baths inside and outside.

It has click on, click off technology so you’re always in control of the water flow. You just strap the Aquapaw onto your hand, and squeeze your fingers to your palm to turn it on and off.

“Ohhh, look how much fun we’re having, scrub a dub, not in a tub!” Hoffman said to Gary… and Gary was sitting still!

“Being able to spread out the water, and kind of dig in with those little rubber pieces, I feel like he’s being exfoliated, it’s almost like a spa day,” Hoffman said.

Gary just sat there like a good ole boy for the entire time.

“It’s less of an intrusive style, not having water fly everywhere or the sound of the hose, everything’s a lot more quiet and contained,” Hoffman said.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $25