Tap into easy-pouring with the Magic Tap!

Deal or Dud
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The Magic Tap is an automatic, battery-powered drink dispenser that claims to make something as simple as serving up a glass of juice or milk even more simple.

*Tapping* into a device like that can definitely be helpful when you've got your hands full, especially if you've often got a wee babe on your hip like the Habig family does!

"My daughter just turned one and I've noticed that she's becoming independent, so I figure why not try the Magic Tap, and start teaching her at a very young age," said RJ Habig, mom to one-year-old Lorelai.

One of Lorelai's favorite snack-time necessities is milk. "Of course with a crying baby, and trying to satisfy her...every minute counts when you're trying to comfort a baby who's hungry and wants milk," RJ said.

When we first drop the Magic Tap's motor-powered straw into the milk jug, we're impressed. The Magic Tap dispenses the milk without any drips or spills, and completely eliminates the need to even take the milk jug out of the fridge. This could be a valuable asset for busy moms and dads who are always on the go, many times with their hands full.

"This is definitely beneficial because you can just do it with one hand, instead of having to unscrew the milk jug and having to pour it yourself, and accidentally spilling it over," RJ said.

The universal silicone cap is advertised to fit on most containers but was the one thing this mom questioned.

"I think my main concern is how it seals the container," RJ noted. "I'm a little concerned about that just because you're exposing things to air and it's not really fully sealed."

The Magic Tap makes it possible for independent Lorelai to possibly be serving herself milk before we know it!

The Magic Tap can be found on most online general vendor sites for around $7.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal

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