‘Smart Lens’ is not as smart as we’d like it to be

Deal or Dud
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"Smart Lens" is the as-seen-on-TV clip-on lens system that’s supposedly for pro and amateur phone camera users alike. We bought ours for about $9 at Target.

It comes with three lenses that are supposed to easily help you take better photos, and the lenses can be used on all smart phones.

Ben Brice is a phone-camera user just like anyone else. He sticks to the basics. So why is he interested in testing Smart Lens?

“I mean if you need good Instagram shots," Brice jokes. "You can’t take the best shots with the standard camera that’s on the phone so I don't know, maybe it would be cool to have a little extra lens to get better shots.”

Smart Lens comes with three lens options: a macro lens for close ups, a wide-angle lens, and a fish eye lens.

You pick which lens you’d like to use, and then you screw it on, clip it over your phone camera, and that's it. Snap away!

Take a look at some of the pictures we took with Smart Lens:


In the end, the results of using Smart Lens were very underwhelming. The focus isn't impressive, and you can't see many details. Turns out just using your phone's camera alone will create better photos!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud

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