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Greg Screws

12:00 a.m. CDT, October 5, 2011


The Slice-O-Matic cost $19.99 and is the latest veggie and fruit slicer on the market.   It looks like everything but a food slicer.  It looks more the shoe Ripley wore in one of the Alien movies.

There is a round tube that fits on top, and you put the food down the tube. There is an arm that you push down which activates the blade which slices the food.

It slices cucumbers and squash okay but to slice the potatoes, you really needed some muscles and elbow grease. It wasn’t easy.

But the trouble started when we tried to julienne the veggies for fries and garnish. The julienne tool was very hard to get in without nicking yourself.  There is a warning on the directions, not warning you about injuries, but it warns you about serious injuries if you aren’t careful with the Slice-O-Matic.  There are many sharp edges.

Once we got the julienne blade in, it just flat didn’t work.  It didn’t even make a mark on the potato or the cucumber we tried.

For the time it took to wrestle with the Slice-O-Matic, we could have taken a knife and worked much faster.

We made the Slice-O-Matic a Dud.  If you disagree, email me at and I will gladly come over and let you prove me wrong.