Potato Express Debatable

Deal or Dud
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I’ve received several emails about the Potato Express. It’s a “pouch product” that claims to “cook perfect potatoes in four minutes.” You can put up to four potatoes in the pouch to cook at one time.

First off … we didn’t cook any potatoes perfectly in four minutes.  The fine print on Potato Express says the power of your microwave may affect how fast the potatoes may cook.

Funny isn’t it, that the fine print on a product usually doesn’t match the big bold headlines.

The fine print says to go up in one minute increments if the potatoes don’t cook in the aforementioned four minutes.

We started over.

Two potatoes for four minutes. Neither was done cooked completely. The middle of one potato was lukewarm.

We put them in for two more minutes and one finally completed cooking.

The second potato went in for a minute.

That makes six minutes on one potato and seven on another.

My first inclination was to make this a Dud.

But, after reflecting, and a smart person told me the sign of maturity was the ability to reflect,  I decided to make it debatable.

You can probably bake a potato by wrapping it in damp paper towels.

But if you have the patience to figure how exactly how long it takes your microwave to cook your potatoes.

That is also an important thing in life.  You need to know how long to takes to cook your potatoes properly.  One thing in life we don’t need is improperly cooked potatoes.

So, the Potato Express, which cost $9.99 is rated Debatable.

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