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Keys, phones, change, jewelry, bottle caps, pens, gum, and more…at one point or another, you’ve probably dropped one of these things down the crevice between your car seat and the console.

You don’t have to messy for it to happen, sometimes things just slip away, and when they do, there’s no easy way to get it out.

Imagine the concoction of snack crumbs, lost change, things never to be seen again after they fall between your car seat and console.

The Drop Stop claims it can prevent that from ever happening again.

We did a random survey of cars to see what we could find underneath the seats– items lost, never to be seen again, until now.

We found receipts, pieces of trash, lip gloss, batteries, and many, many french fries.

We installed the Drop Stop and tested it with a tiny earring, over and over again, just to make sure it would stop lots of drops…and it did!

The Drop Stop prevents anything from falling down the car seat gap. It fits over your seatbelt catch and moves with your seat. You won’t even know it’s there until it stops the drop!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $20