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Lashes are an essential part of any makeup routine, and these days, altering them to appear their best is all the rage.

“People are making a lot of money going off all the ways you can make your eyelashes look longer and fuller and thicker,” said cosmetology student Chelsey Sandlin.

And when you don’t want to go fake, you only have so many options. One of them being a typical clamp eyelash curler.

“They fall off because it cuts them off, or they get stuck in there and they rip off which is horrifying to think about, Sandlin said.

This heated eyelash curler is an alternative to the clamp. It works just like a curling iron for your hair; it has heated coils covered by a brush to shape your eyelashes so that they’ll hold all day.

“When you blow dry your hair, curl your hair, straighten your hair, anything like that, it’s breaking down the bonds to where you can manipulate them,” Sandlin said.

Directions say to move the brush slowly up your lashes and that it’s most effective when mascara is already applied.

Moving the brush slowly and safely takes some time, but no more time than it would take to curl them with a clamp or apply fake lashes.

“I feel like there’s definitely some difference,” Sandlin said. “If you look at this one you can definitely tell that they are upward a bit more. As long as you’re using the product safely, I feel like it could potentially be safer than some eyelash curlers.”

If you already curl your lashes with a clamp, we’d recommend you safely try this alternative!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $12