iHangy a “Deal” – Plus, Two Updates!

Deal or Dud
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iHangy a Deal!

I have a hard time keeping up with my iPhone.  This is a product that I wish I had thought of for the marketplace.

It’s called the iHangy.   We’ve done similar products before but this one worked a little better.

It has a connector, just like the one that you use to charge your iPhone, and it’s a snug fit.

The iHangy costs anywhere from $4.99 to $9.99, although we found it for less at a local store.

To test it, I attached the iHangy to my iPhone and tried to shake it loose, but it would not budge.  It was great and we recommend it.

We also have some updates to pass along regarding Deal or Dud products.

Update #1.

Cindy emailed us saying she had bought the Hair Bean after seeing it on Deal or Dud. The Hair Bean is a kidney bean shaped hair brush that claims to get tangles out easy. The bristles are a soft type of rubber and it worked great.  Cindy said she bought two and they worked great for her!

Update #2.

Tina emailed us about the suction bars you put up in the shower for extra grip. We originally made them a Deal. But we downgraded that to Debatable after another viewer emailed us asking how they work if you really steam up the shower.  We retested it. The product we tested seemed to work better about halfway back in the shower as opposed to being close to the shower head spitting out hot water.

Tina has been using the handles since having a stroke and she says they are great. She did say that you sometimes have to reposition them. She says make sure you buy the ones that have indicator that tell you if the suction cups are working correctly.  She says she has never had an issue with them.

One important note … the directions for shower or tub handles always say never put your full weight on it.

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