Food Huggers will keep your leftover produce fresher!

Deal or Dud
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Food Huggers are advertised as silicone food savers that create a tight seal by wrapping around the base of your leftover fruits and veggies, prolonging the life of your produce.

Fit your half-cut fruit or veggie into the closest size and save it for later. Food Huggers are supposed to also work over jars and small containers to keep contents fresh.

We bought a few different fruits and vegetables to test them with. For comparison, we stored one half of each fruit or veggie in the Food Hugger, and the other in normal plastic wrap. We left our produce in each for a couple of nights to see how fresh it stayed!

We tried our first Food Hugger with one of the basics, an apple, and we found that it created a surprisingly tight seal.

We also used a small one to cover the mouth of a traditional mason jar, and it worked as a perfect lid!

Even when we tried a Food Hugger on a soft tomato, it fit snugly, but not too tight that it crushed it.

When we finished chopping our fruits and veggies we placed them half in a Food Hugger and half in plastic wrap. Then it was time for the freshness test– we left them each in the fridge for a couple of nights.

And when it was time to check back with our experiment we found some fresh results!

For just $10 for four Food Huggers, these are a fun thing to have in the kitchen. They work just as well if not better than plastic wrap.

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal

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