Feel like a Fitness Fox while you work out 💪

Deal or Dud
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Fashion in the fitness industry has picked up a lot. And we all know that working out feels better when we look better doing it!

“We definitely have a lot of athletes who come in who want that,” said Caroline Whitley, a fitness coach at Iron Tribe in Madison. “Who look like that. Who have the matching pants with the tank top and the headband, and the shoes. Even socks.”

The slew of fashionable athletic-wear that’s available is overwhelming. But Huntsville-based Fitness Fox athletic company claims their headbands are slip resistant and sweat absorbent, leaving you with no hair creases and no headaches.

Caroline tested the endurance of the headbands– and me– with a crazy good workout!

“I’ve tried several types of headbands that I’ll put in and they fall out immediately,” Caroline said.

And don’t underestimate the power of a cute accessory in the gym. It can definitely make a difference.

“They look cute, and they feel good about themselves coming into the gym, then they’ll get their workout, and they’ll feel good as they leave too!” Caroline said.

After we worked up a good sweat (a couple of times), the headbands stayed put. Our faces were sweat-free and our hair didn’t have the crimp that most headbands leave after a workout.

We could go straight from the gym to grab a post-workout snack!

If you’d like to try a Fitness Fox headband for yourself, use the code WHNT1FREE to buy two headbands for about $8 each and get one free!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal