Enduracool microfiber towel a cool ‘Deal’

Deal or Dud
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Summers in Alabama can be brutal.

Factor in the humidity and the misery index can be off the charts.

There are some tools on the market that claim to keep you cool when the heat is on in a hard way.

The EnduraCool Cooling Towel claims to cool instantly when wet. It also claims to have proprietary technology (in a towel) that cools to 30 degrees below a person’s average body temperature.

Who knew you could put proprietary technology in microfiber towel?

But, I digress.

We tested the Euduracool on an overcast day. The temp was in the 70's and it didn’t really seem to cool off that much.

So, we waited till the first scorcher of a day that had clear skies and a temperature/high around 90.

One key part of the step process to activating the proprietary technology is “snapping” the towel 3-5 times.

After we snapped it a few times, we tested the temperature of the Enduracool towel with a device that measures temperature. The Enduracool consistently measured 10-12 degrees cooler than the air outside.

We like the Enduracool and proclaim it a Deal.

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