‘Clever Key’ a question mark

Deal or Dud
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Most of us know about the difficulty of keeping up with keys and how frustrating it can be to keep them organized.  There is a product called Clever Key that claims to be a better way of keeping keys organizes.

The product is pretty simple to figure out. That is a good thing.  Most of the “As Seen on TV” products have bad instructions and Clever Key is no different.

You unscrew the top and then layer the keys from each end. The packaging says you can get 12 keys in the Clever Key.

You can get 12 “old school” keys in the Clever Key. But the oversized car keys that most of us have will lower that number.

We “sorta” liked it. But we really couldn’t figure out why it was that much better than a regular key chain. We really couldn’t figure it out when you factor in the Clever Key cost $9.99.

The Clever Key does not shoot the keys out like a switchblade.   And if you tighten the Clever Key to tight, it will be a pain to get a specific key out.

But as we said, we “sorta” like it. We rated it Debatable with an asterisk. We assigned the Clever Key out for a test and in a month or so, we will update you on this product.

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