Car wash product a Deal

Deal or Dud
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The “Three-In-One Car Wash” cost only $2.99.

It comes with three pieces. One is a wash and wax sponge. Another is a detailing and degreaser sponge. It also comes with a chamois for drying. The “Three-In-One” claims to be good for eight car washes.

But before we start, there is some business about the “fun” of car washes.

I hate washing cars. Of all the things I hate the most, washing cars falls somewhere between getting a tetanus shot and inhaling bus fumes. If I had to choose between beating a bowl of steamed Brussel sprouts or washing a car -- I’m all in on the Brussel sprouts.

If I had to choose between a Nickleback concert and washing a car, give me the Nickelback tickets and lets here some loud music.

But I digress.

First thing on the directions is to soak the car with water and get the loose dirt and grime off of it. Then you soak the wash and wax sponge. The directions say squeeze the sponge to get the soap and later going. Then you start washing the car.

The sponge produces a lot of soap and washing the car is pretty easy.

My roof was pretty dirty. Using some muscle and elbow grease, we cleaned half of the roof. There was clearly a line showing the dirt on the unwashed side and the clean side.

It did great. The Three-In-One is a “Deal.”

There is a details and degreaser sponge.   I didn’t use that because frankly, that seemed like too much work. I usually use rain to wash my car so using the Three-In-One was a treat for my car.

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